Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Studying Salmon

Because we are going to the fish hatchery May 6, we are spending this week learning about Salmon! 
I've chosen some pictures to show off my teaching methods, and linked some websites for you to enjoy from home (or in case a student has been absent, they can view them from home). 

First, we played Balderdash. I introduced words like estuary, alevin, and anadromous. The fake-out vocabulary game was a lot of fun, and the kids got to at least test out the new words even if they aren't able to use them fluently yet.

Second period science. Adding their answers to the poster
before rotating to the next question. 
Next, we did a "what do you know" activity in a carousel fashion. Kids shared what they already knew about salmon habitat, life cycle, etc.,  in small groups. They wrote their answers on a poster that then was rotated around the classroom to all the other groups. It was a quick way to see prior knowledge, and fun for the kids to work cooperatively. Their posters will be a an easy way to gauge progress over the course of the next two weeks. (I learned this carousel strategy at a monthly training I attend called Rural Science Teaching Project- funded via University of WA.) 

Currently, we're reading an article about the life cycle of Pacific salmon. Students are trying a new comprehension technique. I call it Reading With the Pencil. In the photo below, you can glimpse the notation key. The goal is that students are THINKING while they are reading! (By the way, Reading With the Pencil is another new technique I learned at another recent training. I hate missing a day with the kids but it's great to come back with worthy new teaching strategies!)

Below are some videos and websites that we are using in class. And in a few weeks we will see a salmon hatchery "in real life!" 

Sockeye's journey, video:

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